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Well Ben staight ignored BC to his face THEN told the media what he did.

My point is not that Tomlin is "better", it is that you cannot make grown men who have "entitlement" issues listen to you.
If Tomlin deserves criticism, (along with the rest of the personel team) perhaps its bring in players with bad attitudes.

This year's draft of boyscout types might mean they are learning from prior mistakes. Note the following:


BC as good as he was aint gonna fix a Wallace or Rainey.
On the entitlement issues, I beg to differ. Of course you can't save them all, but you can some. I am a principal at a maximum security prison, and see those types of attitudes changed... so, well, if an inmate can change his attitude and outlook on life, I'd say its not beyond possibility that an NFL football player can do it as well.

As far as your thoughts on Tomblin... I don't think there's anything to disagree about.