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Thread: JD Woods WR West Virginia High

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    I agree his highlight reel made him look special. He did little things well like had an above average sense of where the ball would be, ability to block out, ability to pull in circus catches, how to sit down in a zone appropriately, terrific body awareness, and hands that are well above average. With that said, it's why I try not to make my analysis on YouTube I trust the WVU homers opinion on this one.
    This is my opinion too.

    Thanks to all for your responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jooser View Post
    No thanks on JD Woods, that's coming from a WVU guy here. As Calm said, he is easily tackled and never showed much at WVU. I believe he was originally brought in to WVU as QB, then made the switch to WR.
    But the same thing has been said of Wheaton... his YAC are not impressive at all.

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    Listen, I love the guy because he wore Gold and Blue. He made some nice plays for us and some unbelievable catches. Can he develop into a good player? Sure. He has the hands and awareness to do it, and with heart and determination he can. But from my amateur point of view he will be PS at best this year unless there are some injuries and he makes the roster by simple need/numbers game. I don't want to dog on him to bad, but that is my opinion. I would be happy to be proven wrong.
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