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I remember the rivalries very well and have enjoyed most of it - except 1995. As for the Leafs, my fan card pretty much expired about 10 years ago when I first got direct tv and started watching hockey from other markets. When the direct cards finally got zapped for good I couldn't go back to watching the plodding style of the Leafs. Must say though, after nine years it is good to see hockey back here, and the fan base has done a good job of keeping expectations in check. Very unlike Leaf fans. I'm sure that the Pens would much prefer to see the Leafs in the second round rather than the Bruins but either way it will be a physical series. The Leafs are not as good as Boston, but they would still be tough. Problem with the Leafs is that their tougher players have limited skill and can't play much. The Bruins have big tough guys who can play.

My son is dying for the Pens to win it, he is a huge Sidney fan, but you guys better get that goaltending under wraps otherwise you might find yourselves stuck with Luongo this off-season.
I went to the Hockey HOF last year for the first time. And I was surprised to learn the Canadians are like the Steelers of the NHL and so many people outside of Montreal root for them. They're like Canada's team.

I also found that any Candian will talk to me for hours about the Penguins. I have yet to meet a Canadian who doesn't love Crosby. It's like he's related to every single person in Canada and collectively the country roots for him.