I see nothing wrong with what Clark said.

1. NOTHING Clark says is going to make the Pats* play any harder against us.
It's just if they beat us, it will look like Clark's comments fueled some kind of extra effort for us. But who cares.

2. What Clark said is dead-on accurate.
When Brady has time to throw, there's no one in the league who does it better. Short, medium and even the long ball - Brady is the best in the business.

BUT Brady does have a weakness in his game and Clark summed it up well. When that clock goes off in his head that ball should be out, Brady starts looking for an out. He sees ghosts. And often at the slightest hint of pressure, he goes down like a girl in the fetal position. That has served Brady well in protecting his body and lucky for him, that kind of pressure hasn't come all that often (except in the playoffs and recent super bowls).

With Ben, you have a guy who can miraculously escape pressure and make huge throws on the run under tremendous pressure. And he has the ability to play with tons of injuries. It's lead him to 2 rings. But it's all taken a toll on his body.

With Brady, you have a guy that makes great throws when he has time but will protect his body at any hint of pressure. That (and cheating) got him 3 rings. But that weakness may have cost him 2 rings.