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Thread: Everyone whining about Starks

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    Everyone whining about Starks

    Why are we obsessed with a very mediocre Tackle? Lets just state it plainly. HE CAN'T MOVE IN SPACE.

    The OC and the new OL coach must have athletic lineman that can move in space. Is it really a surprise then that Starks is not being re-signed?

    The biggest weakness to his game is run blocking because it requires him to move in space. He literally can't do this.

    He can pass protect in a decent manner because of the planet theory. The guy is freaking huge. He's got really long arms. Guys can't bull rush him and so they try to outrun him. It works sometimes.

    I'm not saying Gilbert and Adams are great Tackles. But they fit the athletic mold the OC and OL coach like. Lets give em a chance.

    But no one ever questions why he is unsigned although healthy and has a lot of starting experience. Other teams don't value him either.
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