I can see 5 starters come out of this draft. Jarvis Jones, Le'Veon Bell, Markus Wheaton, Shamarko Thomas, and Vince Williams. That in itself will make this a very successful draft for the Steelers. And if what Bill Polain believes is true (Landry Jones is the best QB in this draft), it could net a very large return for the Steelers in some way or another.

From what I have read the Steelers already believe that Vince Williams very well could fill the ILB position for Larry Foote this year or next. Sharmako Thomas may be the steal of this draft. He has big play starter ability all over him. A 4.38 40 (his first run at the combine), I believe is what Troy ran when he was timed. That is great closing speed. And when Thomas closes in on a ball carrier, he hit's like a truck. Le'Veon is also already be thought of as a first year contributer/starter. And we all know the ability of Jarvis Jones. Mike Wallace departure and the possibility of Emmanuel Sanders leaving after next year means that Markus Wheaton could get a lot of looks immediately.

The media keeps talking about how great the 49ers draft was but reality is, most of those picks wont play much because of the talent ahead of them.

I really am excited about this years Steeler draft. I believe they got 5 starters out of it. And starters sooner than later.