I am constantly amazed at how Steeler fans can complain so much about how we play defense year in and year out. They always point to the flavor of the year and want us to copy their style. I especially remember 2010 when fans constantly whined that LeBeau couldn't use players like Dom Capers from Green Bay.

Well, I happened to be on a Green Bay site when I came across a thread titled:

Will The Defense Still Be a Problem?

and the first post said

In 2011 we were historically bad, last year we improved a bit but i wouldn't have consider us a good defense by any means. We suffered some injuries yes but even more so in 2010 yet we won the SB..so we cant use that excuse. Whats preventing GB from being a top defense year in year out like Pittsburgh? Or Baltimore?

Is it coaching? Is Capers run over? Do we need a fiery young guy running the defense? Or is it truly a lack of talent? By lack of talent i mean not the right prsonnel to run a 3-4. Or is it truly a lack of talent? I mean do we just not have enough speed and athleticism? Im curious to hear opinions on why certain teams can continuously lose Guys rather it be injury, free agency, or retirement and still attain a certain level expectation. We have to develop a mindset like Pitt or Baltimore where no matter who we lose our defense might not be the same..but we not going to play bad football on that side of the ball.

The post really made me chuckle because it appears that the only people who don't admire the Steeler's defense and how it is consistently great over the years are Pittsburgh fans. Yes, I realize that this was only one person but talk to fans around the league and they all give props to our defense. About the only team that can rival our defensive prowess for the last decade is the Ravens. Nobody else comes close.

So let's boot LeBeau out the door and completely change our philosophy with the defense.