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Thread: Which Players Are You Most Excited To See for 2013?

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    Steve McClendon: It's his job now and while he might not be dominant against the run, this is a passing league now and he will draw a lot of double teams allowing LBs to get to the QB
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    Bell - I want to see this kid become a 4th quarter closer. When everyone knows we are going to run the ball, but can't do one thing to stop it.

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    I'm going with our first four draft picks, thinking they all will help us and be good contributors to the team especially Bell who very well could start day one.

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    I'm gonna say Ta'amu. He must have something in him they like if they traded up to get him then held onto him after his night of idiocy.

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    Gotta add The Shark to this list. Very impressed with him. He's gonna add alot on ST's and probably on 3rd downs right away. Maybe Ta-amu could use a transfusion of shark blood -- he could be The Great Wall with Shamarko's level of drive and determination.

    Did I just type "drive" and Ta'amu in the same sentence? Oh no.

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    We know he CAN do it. We have seen his play slip the last few years as injuries and conditioning have taken their toll. Now, someone has come out (don't know who and at this point it doesn't matter) and called his lazy fat a$$ out. I used dollar signs instead of s because of all of the money he is owed on the cap.

    Usually people see off-season moves as ways to upgrade positions. If Woodley responds the right way then we upgrade that position without a new player. And a good Woodley is a huge upgrade over last year's Woodley.

    If not, we might begin to see the future of Worilds on the left and Jones on the right.

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    I'm excited to see the players who I project moving into new starting positions.....

    Jarvis Jones
    Le'Veon Bell
    Cortez Allen
    Manny 2.5
    David Decastro
    McLendon/Ta'amu/Fangupo winner
    Gilbert/Adams/someone else they sign (Max?)

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    I believe Woodley has heard (or read) the dissatisfaction. he's either gonna use it for motivation to train up and beast out this year, or he's going to do the passive-aggressive thing and sustain or diminish on what he's done last year.

    I am hoping the see the BEAST of Woodley.


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