Who do you see making a big impact? Which up and comers do you want to see more of? Who do you have big hopes for in 2013 and beyond.

1. Fangupo - I think if we gave him #98 and sent him out there, no one would realize it's not Hampton. I really have no idea what to expect from him, but to hear he's the strongest DLineman to ever come through BYU sounds pretty good to me. If Hokie could hold the point of the attack in the middle, it should be a piece of cake for the kid who has the same build as Hamp. He might not even be good, but he's the only guy on the roster right now that looks built to play the 3-4 NT position.

2. Robinson - The first time I saw him in preseason, I thought this kid has it. He just needs time to learn the position. Now he's practically fallen off the depth chart since we've drafted Jarvy. Based purely on the way this kid plays, I expect him to try even harder to prove he might be the most relentless pass rusher of anyone on the roster now that James is gone.

3. Worilds - It's his time. Can he stay healthy? If so, he's got all the potential in the Worild. No guy that big should have that athleticism. I have to admit, there were a handful of plays last year where I confused him with a DLIneman at times and Timmy other times. He's huge with a lightning burst. Just because we drafted Jarvy, I expect Worilds to have 15+ sacks.

4. Cortez - As good as our DBs looked last year, I think this year the take a huge step forward with Allen. He's better than both Keenan and Ike and I think he's gonna help us win the turnover battle. Plus you put the headsy Gay in the slot and you just get more guys that can force mistakes and create turnovers.

5. McClendon - He reminds me of when we anointed Keisel to play DE. Keisel was a hustler and was a high effort guy. But he just wasn't ready to take over the position. But he grew into it. I wonder if McClendon is on a similar path? I'm still not convinced he's a NT in our system. But can he grow into it with reps and more experience? Can he get stronger?

6. Heyward and Hood - It's time for these 2 to step up. They've been here long enough that it's time they start making their mark and some kind of impact on the team.

7. The Rookies in general because they are the rookies.

8. The down and out from Woodley to Dwyer to Troy. I want to see guys come into to camp healthy. I put Troy in this category because his calf issue seems to linger like the other two's fat cells. These can be 3 of our most prominent players or they can be useless. I hope they can somehow come in and remain healthy.

9. Adams and Gilby. Is one of them ready to take the next step and play LT? All this positional flexibility has gotten us is 3 guys that should be starters who's best position is probably RT - Adams, Gilby, and Foster.

10. The injured - Heath, Ike, DD, Spence, Ben - Can they all be 100% and stay 100% for a playoff run?

Man I can't wait for camp to start.