1. Jarvis Jones OLB/UGA

I am ecstatic we got him? Why? Its probably our biggest position of need. Why when Jones wasn't drafted to guaranteed start.

Worilds has one year left on his contract, 1 year left to prove himself... and if he does? He's gone to greener pastures. If he doesn't? He isn't starter material.

Jarvis Jones was likely the most dominant defensive player in college ball last year, it's between him and Jadeveon Clowney... but Jones made big plays in big games, See Missouri 3 TURN OVERS! See florida where he stripped the ball off a WR going in for a TD before he stepped in to win the game.

4.92 40, Watching it I saw 2 things, he didn't run well that was known and he also ran really poorly (form wise) Im no track coach or anything of the sort.... but he ran not even in a straight line

OTHER NOTABLE 40 TIMES.... DEEBO RAN A 4.85, and Terrell Suggs ran a 4.9

Spinal Stenosis? He was misdiagnosed, given clean bill of health, and indicators are clear... he was not on the list to revist the doctors for the NFL

2.) Le'Veon Bell ... Watch him, he was MSU's only weapon... on an online that no player got drafted on (to my knowledge) he had no passing game, and many said he was also their best WR.

I also see some Steven Jackson in this kid, I am not the only one SJ himself agrees.

3.) Markus Wheaton Great Kid, watch his interviews on youtube, very softspoken un-diva like. 4.42 Official 40, he claims he can run a 4.3 would not surprise me, PRODUCTIVE, Polished Route Runner.

Its like a mix of AB and Wallace... with better character.

4.) Shamarko Thomas, looks to be a good kid, look up his story, he was in college raising his 5 or 6 family members after his mom and pop died, plays like a first or second round guy, fell due to concussions (remember Troy P?) AND HEIGHT. But 41 Inch Vertical Jump will work well.

4b.) Landry Jones very productive, however I am not sure.... I woulda preferred Zac Dysert later, in Colbert I trust.... however.

5.) Terry Hawthorne, one of the Top CB prospects in the nation until injuries and a sub par year, has all the physical tools. Let's see what Carnell Lake can do with this kid.

6.) Justin Brown 6'3 (DID WE FINALLY GET BEN SOMETHING HE WANTED) He looks to be a fairly good possession Wide Reciever that fell under the radar after he ran away from Penn State due to the Sandusky scandal, at Penn State he didn't have great WR play. But It looks like this kid got a lot better at the end of this year with Landry trusting him.

6b.) Vince Williams, Buck ILB that fell due to playing only 2 downs, needs to prove he can cover, he hasn't proved he cant, however it was FSU's scheme to put a CB out on 3rd down.

7.) Nick Williams, Developmental DE with solid measurables but was from a small school, maybe he can be a Steve Mclendon esque player.