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They each should have their own theme songs, too. They might fit with the nickname.
Like Shamarko = Mack the Knife
JJ - (S)pacman Fever
Le'Veon - seems like it should be any song from El Debarge
Wheaton - Stand By Me
Shark - Theme song from Jaws
Landry - Some kinda porn music since he's known for his stache
Hawthorne - MMM Bop by Hanson
Brown - The James Brown song about Mashed Potatoes with some sorta Pittsburgh twist putting them in a pierogi.
V Williams - Any Justin Bieber song will do
N Williams - Theme song from Samford and Son

Actually this makes me think of minor league baseball. I go to tons of minor league games cause there's a ton of teams in the south. And every player that comes up to bat has his own theme music. There's always a guarantee that a couple guys will use some goofy mariachi music. Cracks me up every time.