1. Jarvis Jones- Some will call him Meathead. Others Saccman. But not Chadman. No, you see- in a desperate attempt to move away from the current influx of Ziggy's into the NFL of late, the Steelers will nickname Jarvis Jones "ZAGGY" as a complete contrast. It's the Steelers way.

Jarvis "Zaggy" Jones

2. LeVeon Bell- Chocolate Diamond sounds like it should be found in the "Wallace hates gays" thread. No, this one is even easier than Zaggy. Bell's nickname is Clara. As in Clarabelle the Cow. as in Cow Bell. Geez- does Chadman have to explain everything??

LeVeon "Clara" Bell

3. Marcus Wheaton- Pretty sure you guys aren't going to get this, but in Australia we have a biscuit company called Arnott's that make Chocolate Wheaten's, which are delicious, and chocolatey & good. So Marcus Wheaton is Arnotts.

Marcus "Arnotts" Wheaton

4. Shamarko Thomas- ok, Shark works..

Shamarko "Shark" Thomas

4b. Landry Jones- Chadman google imaged "L J" in order to come up with something halfway entertaining & found (amongst several pictures of real estate agents) a girl with her boobs out. That made Chadman think that Landry Jones was married. To a woman. Who also has boobs. So his nickname, obviously, is Booby.

Landry "Booby" Jones

5. Terry Hawthorne- Swooshy it is.

Terry "Swooshy" Hawthorne.

6. Justin Brown- Oklahoma WR that transferred from Penn St. This one's easy..

Justin "Judas" Brown

6b. Vince Williams- Williams' number in college was 11. As this messege board is populated with Bingo players, it's obvious Vince Williams' nickname is Legs.... as in Legs 11..

Vince "Legs" Williams

7. Nicholas Williams- It's a little known fact that Coach Mitchell is, in fact, Nick Williams' father. Now- it'd be easy to just call him "Baby Mitch", but Chadman pictures Coach Mitch offering out his hand to Nick with the time old classic "Nick...I am your father" (a la Darth Vader... no colour jokes included) & Nick obviously replying with a long, whiny "nooooo"...

Nicholas "Skywalker" Williams.