Anyone know the nick names of the draft class? Here's what I could find.

1. Jarvis - Sacman - not sure I like it
2. Bell - Chocolate Diamond - Did he leave a surprise in someone's closet? - this one's official but I don't like it. how bout shortening it to CDeez
3. Wheaton - He reminds me of the breakfast of champions, but couldn't find anything
4. Shmarko - Shark - makes sense
4. Landry - Doc Holliday - We're gonna see tshirts saying fear the stache - not sure i like this one
5. Hawthorne - Swooshy cause of 22 Nike symbols
6. Brown - JB
6. V Williams - Bug as in VW Bug
7. N Williams - Samford and Son

I need simple ways to refer to these guys. And I'm not typing out Chocolate Diamond.