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Thread: Jarvis Jones: Is he more Von Miller or Bruce Irvin?

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    Jarvis Jones: Is he more Von Miller or Bruce Irvin?

    I've heard some prognosticators compare Jarvis Jones to both Von Miller and Bruce Irvin.

    Bruce Irvin played in pass rushing situations for the Seahawks as a rookie and posted 8 sacks. So which is it? Is Jones more Von Miller or Bruce Irvin?

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    Irvin right now. Miller is a more complete LB.

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    I've heard some people say Von Miller or Ware the way they get a jump on the snap. I've heard others say he looks more like Clay Matthews which isn't bad either. Then I heard someone on NFLN comparing him to Chris Clemons whos a DE in Seattle.

    I'm not sure who he compares to. He also reminds me of James the way he goes after the ball. He's a little different than everyone. I think he'll be unique. Some guys are a lot stronger, play with better leverage, have more of a burst, etc.

    I think the thing that will set Jarvis apart is being relentless and opportunistic. He seems to play smart. And I think he'll have to leverage that in the NFL.

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    A more pertinent question might be, "Is he more James Harrison or Chris Carter?"

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    I compare him to Jarvis Jones, the one we seen play at Georgia is the one we want to see play on Sunday's.

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    let's just hope he's not like Bruce Davis...

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    He's Jarvis.

    He lacks the top end Speed Miller had, Miller had a bit more production in college however, they played in different conferences.

    My personal view.

    He isn't a Von Miller Clone, IMO they both show a good edge rush, however....

    Von Miller is more the Athlete, Jarvis is more a high motor guy/ beat you by reading the blocking shemes.

    Jarvis, if anyone reminds me of James.
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    I have no idea who to compare him to, but when I watch his highlights he never gives up on a play, even when he's blocked initially and that is a good thing. Giving 110% on every play doesn't take any talent, so when you combine that with talent (which Jones has) it should be an awesome combination and the Steelers' good fortune.


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    Can he just be Jarvis Jones? His own self? Comparisons are for the draft he's Jarvis Jones. How he plays and pans out is what really makes him well...him.

    I just hope he pans out to be the elite star version of himself! GO STEELERS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    let's just hope he's not like Bruce Davis...

    or alonzo...........


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