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Thread: Steelers sign P Brian Moorman

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    I agree, we have already had the jagoff kicker...

    And he was awesome. How many guys could fight a Sheetz towel dispenser and win?

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    I like this signing. I think he is an upgrade over Butler and will give the team a solid, trusted veteran who has always done a good job with height in his punts and pinning teams inside the 20. For the price we got him for I will take it. The guy is what 36/37, punters can usually go into their 40's. I think this is one of those quiet signs that will end up making a difference in the end. Bravo front office, this one was a good sign.
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    I'm guessing that the Steelers coaching staff/FO are betting on Butler out performing him. Moorman is the extra leg. Why an older vet? Because Butler will get coached up in the process just by observing and being around Moorman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Wing was arrested for simple battery in the summer of 2011, and then was suspended from this season's bowl game for an undisclosed violation of team rules. The last thing we need is a jagoff punter.
    I didn't realize that. He should fit in well with the eagles, who are led by one of the biggest jagoffs in professional sports...

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    Pappy, if you have an Andy Lee, a Lechler or a Sam Koch, those few guys are absolutely weapons that can flip the field. I just don't think that there are many punters out there who can really consistently flip field position, and most of the rest are more or less the same.

    So if Moorman can beat out Butler this year, give me Moorman, and then look for another young leg next year.
    I thought Wing (already signed) and the kid from UCLA were those types of punters based on news and heresay. It just gets so frustrating to watch a stinkin punt net next to nothing and put the defense in a bad way, situational and directional punting weren't exactly top notch either. When you don't necessarily have the horses on offense and defense good special teams play can help a lot. At this point I believe the Steelers to be a good team, but not one good enough to overcome special teams gaffes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Got any stats on Butler's non existent hang time? Or how often he coffin corner kicks the ball out of bounds when we're backed up on our end of the field? Or how often he kicks the ball into the endzone when punting from the opponent's side of the field?

    Butler drives me nuts. I hope you're right about trajectory because I don't want to have to deal with Butler as he was last season for any longer.
    exactly Flip, Butler sucked balls last season and always coffin kicked form deep in our own territory to the 50. That guy sucked it up. Maybe Moorman can reverse the trend here.

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    He only a extra leg for camp


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