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Because it's stupid to put yourself out there in any sort of public way on a controversial topic if you're a public figure. Specifically, if you're tied to an organization whose dollar value is directly tied to public opinion.
That's simply not true though. Firstly, everyone is entitled to an opinion- you, Chadman, Wallace... even Flippy. Being a public figure should make no difference to that. What's the purpose to an opinion if you must keep it secreted away? What sort of society supports that??

As for the Dolphins organisation's dollar value being tied to public opinion- if that was true, for every NFL player arrested, caught doing the wrong thing or simply seen to be a generally not great guy would cause legions of fans to abandon the organisation's support base. But that doesn't happen. How many people REALLY stopped supporting the Steelers because of Ben Roethlisberger's drama's? What was that LB caught being a pimp? How many fans turned away from the team after that?

You don't have to agree with what Wallace says or thinks, but to label someone's opinion as stupid because it's not very PC, or goes against the masses beliefs, is grossly unfair. So Wallace doesnt seem to approve of homosexuality. Who is to say he's wrong? Why are any of us more right than him?