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I would encourage you to read Romans 1:18-32, which says that homosexual behavior is the result of God’s judgment on people who reject Him—He “gives them over,” it says, to a “debased mind.” However, according to that passage, homosexual behavior is not the only sinful product of a debased mind.
In these verses of Romans, Paul talks about men making a choice to abandon natural relations with women for their lusts for one another. So he's condemning unnatural sexual relations - heteros choosing homo relations outside the context of marriage. Paul says nothing about homos being homos.

At the end of the day, is being a homo a choice? Do you remember making a choice of liking men or women? I don't. It never was a choice. Maybe those Christians that think it's a choice have had thoughts about both men and women and considered having relations with both. That must be why they think it's a choice. I've never considered a homo relationship, so it wasn't a choice for me. Likewise, I believe homos when they tell me they just like guys or girls without thinking about a choice. They just are what they are.

And if it's natural to be homo or hetero, that should be fine for everyone. For the non Christians, they don't care. For the Christians, they know that everything God created was good.

Christians throw away lots of ideas from the Bible because they're silly. Paul's world view that homo vs hetero is a choice is one of those silly ideas that's in the Bible that made sense in his time that makes no sense.

The Bible is a story of salvation. It's a great story. But it doesn't make sense to take every word literally. It was a historical book written in a specific time period for a specific purpose with a specific audience. It's also written from one side of the story. And that's fine. We each bring our experiences to it when we read it and it can have a profound effect on people. So I get that people take this very seriously because the power of the story changes people's lives. And that's a great thing for those people.

But at the end of the day we get out of it what we bring into our reading of the book. I figure about 100% of what we think or know is most likely wrong.