Soooo.... I didn't mean to start a whole discussion on gay rights here. I was more saying "Har, har, look another twitter idiot. Looks like we got rid of two instead of one." Since we're in the middle of it:

I'm always a little taken back how religion is always invoked in discussions about homosexuality. There are a lot of controversial sins that get discussed w/o religion being tossed out there. Murder, rape, theft, being a Raven, etc. My only conclusion is that the only thing that is making homosexuality taboo IS religion. It's not limited to Christianity, but the confusing thing about Christianity is that Jesus never said much on the subject. The verse that's ALWAYS quoted is from the Old Testament, and is sandwiched in between other things that no one follows or gives a **** a bout. It's all very confusing to recovering Catholic, now atheist such as myself.