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    He got screwed over because of his race. I think even colleges wanted to try to convert him to WR, but he couldn't because he wasn't a good enough athlete. It's kinda a shame because the guy would probably have NFL records out the wazoo if it weren't for the racism.

    I remember him being pretty vocal about Cam Newton getting treated the way he was coming out of college because he was a black QB. I remember the way he said it made it seem like he had some resentment.

    Unfortunately, the stereotype continues a bit to this day for some reason, likely because you've got a lot of black QBs that happen to be great athletes and very few Moons and Leftwiches. I'm sure in time there will be more and more guys with good arms that aren't great athletes. In a way the problem stems from college because college teams can thrive with an athlete that's a mediocre passer playing QB. And I bet there's other Warren Moons out there that aren't getting a shot as a result of the college game.
    Frankly, great athleticism can be a double edged sword.
    You get used to your feet being able to save you, it can hinder your development.

    It is a gift with value but it is a really tough balancing act.

    I remember Cunningham and Mcnabb becoming much better passers league leaders as their running ability declined.
    Had they not used their legs their legs as a crutch they would have been better passers early on
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