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    The difference between Tebow and other guys who are running the zone read right now is accuracy as a passer. Tim Tebow started the equivalent of an entire NFL season at QB and completed 47% of his passes. That ain't gettin' it done. The threat of the passing game simply isn't real with Tebow as your quarterback (unless you run a 9 man box and your corner gives up the inside of the field to a big, fast physical receiver who gives him a target roughly the size of Lake Erie into which to throw the football, but we won't go there).

    Tebow is a gifted athlete... and likely will star in Canada. To me, the most apt comparison isn't Doug Flutie, whose physical limitations were simply too much to overcome in terms of being Super Bowl caliber QB material, but Warren Moon. Went to Canada, lit it up there, then latched on in the NFL and went on to have a ton of success. Tebow needs time and reps to refine his passing skills. The salary cap era makes it impossible for a player to get that in the NFL.

    If then were like now, Terry Bradshaw would be a farmer in Louisiana, not a Hall of Fame QB. His first 5 years made Alex Smith look good, but the team waited on him to develop... you simply can't do that now. I fully believe that Tebow will develop in Canada and come back in 3 or 4 years as a good NFL QB.
    Did Moon go up to Canada to play QB because he was inaccurate or because he is black and no one would give him a fair shot? I've always heard it was more of the latter than anything to do with his football skills.
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