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I think bringing back Max and Legs is almost a must at this point. Max can come in and compete against Adams and Gilbert for the two starting spots and would nothing else give the team a good solid experienced swing tackle. The team is also in need of a backup in the pivot and Legs has received no interest on the open market....he knows the system and has position flexibility. Then at least their game day eight are: LT: Adams LG: Foster C: Pouncey RG: DeCastro RT: Gilbert, and then off the bench they would have LT/RT: Starks LG/RG/RT: Beachum C/RG: Legursky. That is probably the best game day eight the Steelers have had since Faneca and Hartings left. I'm sure they can find the cap room to make it happen, now just get it done.
I also want Max back, don't care about Legursky, but I wonder whether the coaches feel he won't be able to do the zone blocking scheme they are implementing. Speed and agility aren't Max's strengths.

Hopefully one or two of the UDFAs can surprise us. They seemed to have done alot of due diligence on UDFA Off Linemen to bring in that many so quickly after the draft. Obviously it was a position they were scouting.