When Tomlin took over, he had a pretty good roster. Lots of guys with big time talent. So is it possible that it was more difficult to draft given that rookies didn't have a spot to come in and play. And after our SuperBowl, we were so loaded that it was just hard to fit in and develop rookies into the mix of vets on the team?

If you look back now to 2012, that's seeming to be one of Colbert/Tomlin's most productive overall draft classes with quality players selected throughout the draft.

Again, it feels like we got another 2012 draft in 2013 where all of these guys can fit right in and make the team. So it looks like we're turning this bad streak of drafting around. Is it easier because of the gaps on the roster. Is it just the fact that we'll have to keep more rookies now than we did in 08/09 for example which looked like really bad draft classes?