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Thread: Comp Picks in 2014 Draft? What could we get?

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    It's a secret formula but if you if it's for the rats or pats they automatically get a round higher than everybody else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Not as far as I can remember. It would appear to me that the contract signed pretty much determines at the end of which round you select. Perhaps performance comes into play in terms of a tie breaker for multiple teams receiving comp picks at the end of a round.
    Well respected AdamJT who often predicted them accurately has some bad html here, but, here's his take:


    Although the formula has never been revealed, by studying the compensatory picks that have been awarded since they began in 1994, Iíve determined that the primary factor in the value of the picks awarded is the average annual value of the contract the player signed with his new team, with an adjustment for playing time and a smaller adjustment for postseason honors. It should be noted that the contract value used in the equation does not include some parts of the contract, and that the contract information reported in the media is often incorrect.
    Primary factor is salary, but, adjustments are made based on playing time and postseason honors.
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