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Thread: Steelers sign UDFA

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    Dude looks like a Transformer in that pic in uniform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    looks like the Golic signing is going to get us a lot of free publicity too...

    Turned on this AM to see Steeler helmet in front of Golic. Wondered what was up! It was all Tebow today.

    Hope his son does well.

    Go Steelers!


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    Anthony Rashad White did not have a good year, but when playing next to Jerrell Worthy a few years ago, some said he was the better player. He still flashes great quickness and strength. If the Steelers can motivate him, he may become a good NT.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.


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