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I get the impression the DL is a genius. He's an Xs and Os guy with more experience than any DC ever. I think DL is also a great person. Very approachable and connects with these young men. I suspect Butler has been mentored into a similar mold.

But where I think the problem lies is their ability to translate these complex concepts into something simple that these young kids coming out of college can readily understand. Heck Troy who's one of the more cerebral players in the game had a hard time understanding the complexity of the system right away.

Everyone fits into this mold of making things complex - DL, Butler, Mitchell, etc.

Then Carnell comes along and seem to take a different approach. And he says the system really isn't that complex. It's just football. So apparently he understands the system in this very simple way. And he says it's on him to bring these young kids up to speed quickly. He even used the example of he had to get Victorian ready in the system in 2 weeks time due to injury.

Maybe Carnell's smarter than all these guys combined because he can see the simplicity in the system and teach the simplicity. And I do think the system is complicated. And when Carnell was asked if Shmarko will play FS or SS, he said all Pittsburgh Ss play both positions based on the situation. Heck, I didn't even realize Troy and Clark both play FS and SS at different times until I heard that.

But somehow we're learning Carnell is breaking this stuff down in some simple way to make it easier for 1st year players to understand. And he's not even getting 1st round picks.

Maybe it's the fact that he played so many positions. Or he knows the Steelers from playing for the Steelers. Or he had a quick stint in college and understands what college kids need to transition to be successful.

Whatever it is, he's able to do something that no other coach seems to be able to do. Ovi's gotta have a man crush on Lake when he hears him confidently saying his first year guys will be ready to play and that's on Lake to make it happen.
Yes I do because Lake is smart enough to see that the complexity is only fooling ourseleves. Lake is one of may all time favorite Steelers and I'd love to see him become the DC and get rid of the overly complex nonsense that keeps players off the field and let's fading players stay around too long because they "know the system."