I know everyone keeps saying Butler's the next in line, but Lake is the best coach on our D and our DBs carrying the load last year without Troy and adding Allen as a starter after what he had done to date.

Today, he was asked by Ovi (I mean a reporter) with Lebeau's system being so complex, how can you possibly work a rookie into this system?

"I think the biggest challenge is really for me to communicate as simply as possible as I can to all of our defensive backs. Thatís my job. My job is to get him ready. I think since Iíve been here, going on my third year, it hasnít really been that much of an issue. We got Cortez ready his first year. Keenan [Lewis] was struggling and I got him ready to go and he was productive as ever."

Carnell had more to say on the topic, but essentially he said when you break it all down, it's really just football and not that complicated and it's the coaches job to make it simple for the players to get them ready. And so far he seems to be the only one on the defensive coaching staff that can coach up his guys quickly and keep it simple.

Why can't the rest of them?

Freaking Carnell Lake. He can play LB, S, CB, and now he can coach too. He can literally do everything. I'd personally put him on the fast track to take over for Lebeau. And heck probably even Tomlin one day. We'd probably win the SuperBowl every year if Lake was our HC.