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Thread: Your overall grade for the steelers draft class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostonsteeler View Post
    Its pointless to get into a pissing match on a bboard, dude. His opinion, your opinion. Most of us don't care who's the superior fan. We do care for your opinions, particularly if there's some rationale behind it, since it broadens our own perspective, and we generally enjoy hearing about the steelers -- that's why we're here. The rest is hooey. If he calls you on having only 5 posts, rather than what you know of the game, he's being absurd. If you call him back because your granddad watched the steelers, you're joining him on his soapbox.
    What I don't get is why this kid isn't banned. This isn't even an opinion. I've read the terms and conditions. There's a difference between having an opinion and being an ******* who says anyone who disagrees with him is a bandwagon fan.

    He brought nothing to the table.

    He calls me out even though I wasn't even talking to him. I tell another guy how every forum has that one hipster who has a different opinion just to feel different. Interesting how when I said that he acted like I was talking about him.

    He insults me for no reason.

    He thinks that everyone not on this board isn't a real fan.

    He doesn't read my posts cause if he did he'd know I gave no rating.

    He accuses me of being a bandwagon fan despite the fact that I gave legit credentials while he suspiciously refuses to give any reason to think he's a steeler fan( probably doesn't even live in PA).

    He can't find anything to back his point up so he reduces to trying to tell me he has a 19 yr old daughter but then goes off making sex and virgin jokes that would make a 12 yr old think " wow he's kind of immature". I'm not respecting someone who has to make up an imaginary daughter, and even if he did have one I'd show even less respect since he's acting like this.

    And My Grandpa didn't just " watch the games".

    They went to 3 rivers 100s of times, they have HOFers autographs, my uncle has a freaking framed terrible towel with Myron copes autograph for god sakes, steeler mugs, bumper stickers, shirts, hats, sweaters, jerseys.

    My Dad has met Jack Lambert. I've met Merril Hoge. I have baby pics of myself in steelers apparel.
    My Dad and I are going to the titans game this year.

    There's my credentials. Where's his? Yet he calls me the bandwagon fan.

    Obviously he's not one of the respectable opinion caring types and is just here to insult people who disagree with him so ban him.
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