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CB is probably going to be our toughest competition in camp. I see only Ike, Tez, and Gay as locks. Beyond that everything is up in the air.

What do you guys think is the fate of Brown, Van Dyke, Victorian, Hawthorne? Only 2 or 3 of those guys make the roster. Could Curtis Brown get cut? I thought he's look awful. Van Dyke is a superb athlete, but I'm not sure if he's mentally tough enough. Victorian, I like, but he's small and seems like the easiest to let go. We're all praying Hawthorne is good because these other 3 have their red flags.
I'm not sure anyone is safe past ike n Tez. Since there are so many question marks with the rest of the group I'm giving the Fresno St corner Green who ran a 4.29 a shot.For all these corners they will be pressured by Thomas who proved against USC he can cover and may get playing time in nickel and dime packages. We likely will have a very young second team of db's who are super quick but have almost no experience. That said I do think the upside of this group is extremely good.