Over the years there have been plenty of prospects that have come from Pitt, West Virginia, Penn State, IUP, and Cal of PA to enter the league and it seems like when we have a position of need and a local prospect is available, even if the numbers say they had more successful collegiate careers, we pass them up. Most recent on my mind obviously is passing on Stedman Bailey and taking Markus Wheaton. Bailey had the superior college career in every single category, is of similar size and speed (0.05 difference at combine).

The other glaring comparison is passing on Sean Lee who was ranked the top LB on our board for Worilds who most pundits had a 3rd round grade on. The college production isn't even comparable. Lee is an ILB and Worilds an OLB but we weren't deep at either position with sure thing young players.

The last local kid we drafted was A.Q. Shipley in the 7th round. Was the only other local we drafted Amos Zeroue in recent history?

You think they shy away from taking local kids due to the added pressure that would immediately would be placed on them? Maybe to prevent the distraction of having local friends and family around? Just seems with the tri-state area being a hotbed for football players and their ability to bring local kids in for pre draft visits without it counting against their visit total, you would see more local college talent get drafted by the Steelers.