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    I like Jones in 1, and I like Bell but thought 2 was high although we probably wouldn't have got him in the 3rd so no complaints. We got the RB we liked best. I liked Stedman Bailey a lot, but will defer to the Steelers and Haley on the best WR for the system they are trying to run. If we took Wheaton simply to replace Sanders after this year then I would of preferred they just let Sanders go now. Wallace could play games because we really didn't have someone that could replace what he does. Maybe taking Wheaton is just a safeguard in case Sanders felt like he could slack off or try and play the Steelers out trying to 'not get hurt' the way Wallace did.

    All in all hard to complain. All players have come at positions of need. Time to get a safety, or two!

    one it too outlandish to think that maybe Plax could line up at TE in some two TE sets? He is a big guy with really good hands and proved last year he can make grabs in tight spaces and take a hit. I can guarantee he is working hard this offseason to try and extend his career as long as possible. Just a thought. It's not like Eifert or Ertz are a lot bigger than Plax. If he can focus on blocking this offseason & camp could be an option or new thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    Maybe they thought with a 1st, another 1st, two 2nds and and injured 3rd round pick was enough talent to compete the LB corps

    does every spot on that unit need a high draft pick? Or can they get away with a later round guy to fill in
    ie.... Foote with farrior, deebo, Woodley

    ie2. Olsalvsky with Greene Lloyd Kirkland

    Get a mid-late Round pick to play alongside Timmons. There is a reason Steelers are paying Timmons 10 million/yr..

    One just can't expect Rd 1 picks on ILB...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Vince Williams is a hell of a player...
    That's what I'm saying. Take him in the 6th or 7th. No need to over draft for a need.
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    they passed on Khaseem Greene and took Landry Jones - adding more fuel to the fire of "is Spence coming along nicely"..

    but, Vince would be a nice addition. nice call!
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