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and that one trick that he does very well was usless the minute they hired Todd Haley. At that point, Wallace wasn't even worth the $40 million they offered, and that's a shame.

Not that Wallace isn't a punk... But, I have a bigger problem with any coordinator who isn't wise enough to say, "i have the fastest guy on the field - how can i exploit that?" For that matter, he could be the tallest, or strongest or whatever the attribute is. I have a system and "square peg, you're going in THERE, dammit!!"

lack of imagination is cause for concern, IMO.... guys like Lawrence Taylor (or Troy Polamalu) never happen if their coordinator didn't realize what a freak of nature they have and exploit it...b

I undervalued Arians... until Haley was hired.
Haley is known for exactly the opposite of what you just described. He is known for creating new offenses that work, to use the O talent around him. Ben was on pace for a record breaking year running Haley's offense before injury...keep in mind this was Haley's first season as the O coordinator and met much resistance from his star QB. Keep in mind horrific injuries. You can keep Arians...I can't wait to see what Haley comes up with this season.