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Thread: Steelers select Markus Wheaton in the third

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    If he is being considered a second round talent, and the #6 receiver overall in the draft, I think we got a solid pick for a mid 3rd rounder. Looks like a very good character guy also.

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    Seems like a good kid [url][/url]

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    Markus Wheaton among Senior Bowl standouts

    By Bucky Brooks
    Analyst, and NFL Network
    Jan. 24, 2013

    MOBILE, Ala. --

    Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State: Wheaton has been the most impressive receiver at the Senior Bowl -- by far. The Oregon State product has displayed excellent speed, quickness and burst, routinely separating from defenders out of breaks. Most impressively, Wheaton has shown strong hands; he is an outstanding pass catcher in traffic. By showcasing the capacity to make plays at every level, Wheaton has created quite a buzz in the NFL scouting community.


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    I think he looks just like Mike Wallace in the way he runs....

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    He does remind me some of Wallace, too. Except that he catches more with his hands, at least in the vid. Looks like an excellent pick.

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    If you YouTube the senior bowl WR vs db's clip, there are some extensive looks at Wheaton against Trufant.
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    This kid is a football player turned track star...

    He finished 2nd in the PAC-12 Outdoor Track Championships by running the 100 meter in 10.58 seconds...I believe that puts him at sub 4.45...

    Pretty good long speed...and, he has hands!!

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    I honestly dnt think he has as gd as hands as Stedman Bailey who was available in the 3rd round...Stedman is very elusive after the catch..and he runs gd opinion is the steelers missed on this one...and will regret pick in sorry to say...and the fact that they chose a qb in the 4th round when they could have gotten Marcus Lattimore and he can sit behind Dweyer and Leveon until he is ready
    That would have been really gd....To be honest...i think this draft will cost Tomlin his job...and it sucks becuase i really dnt think he is that bad of a coach...i also think that Todd haley was a bad pick up for Offensive coordinator...but they made the decision to bring him in theres no point in firng him now....might as well let Ben finish his career with late for any changes.

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    i can see him finding is way at the number three wr by the start of the season

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    Im a Steelers fan completly...and i dnt miss games...but Steeler fans are being decieved
    The Steelers Nation has fallen in love with speed just because Mike Wallace....but Speed isnt everything ask
    Hines Ward...The Steelers should have picked Stedman Bailey from West Virginia, he reminds
    Me so much of Hines hands gd route running...and is very elusive after the catch...i think the Steelers
    Made a wrong desicion...which has me question there scouts..the last couple years...becuase we have had some major bust
    In last couple of drafts. Trust me Stedman Bailey is gonna be alot better then Wheaton...check his tape out on uyou tube


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