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Thread: Steelers select Markus Wheaton in the third

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    Steelers select Markus Wheaton in the third

    Wheaton might not be biggest receiver in the 2013 draft class, but he towers above the last two playmakers coming out of Corvallis –- Jacquizz and James Rodgers, who averaged about 5-foot-6, 190 pounds at their respective combines. His athleticism certainly matches up with the Rodgers brothers, as well, because not only was Wheaton a solid high school football talent among the best players coming out of Arizona in 2008, but he also won 400- and 800-meter races at junior national track meets before also performing well in state high school meets.

    His speed and athleticism translated onto the field as a true freshman, as he was used on fly sweeps (11 rushes for 79 yards and a score) and as a reserve receiver (8-89). Wheaton led the Beavers in receiving in 2010, starting eight of 12 games played with James Rodgers on the sideline (55-675, four TD) and was again used regularly on sweeps (27-220, two TD), finishing the year with a 10-catch, 137-yard effort against rival Oregon (where his cousin, Kenny, played in the mid-1990s) in the Civil War. He earned honorable mention All-Pac 12 honors while starting all 12 games as a junior, again leading the team in receiving (73-986, TD) and contributing as a runner (25-190).

    In 2012, Wheaton eclipsed the 1,000-yard barrier, catching 91 passes for 1,244 yards and 11 touchdowns.


    STRENGTHS His quickness is blatant and dangerous. Whether taking off from the slot or outside, his feet are literally a step ahead of his defender on everything from speed outs, crossers, to jerk routes. Displays the flexibility to grab throws behind him or over his shoulder when running deep. He’ll also extend away from his body to bring in high or wide throws, and will stutter on the sideline to ensure he makes the catch in-bounds. Possesses some thickness to his frame, and is willing to lower his shoulder to get the extra yard – often diving under defenders to get as many as possible. Wheaton also dabbled in track while at OSU, reminding scouts of his elite speed.

    WEAKNESSES While he can elude defenders in the open field, he’s not necessarily elite making men miss after the catch. Too often he will let the ball into his frame as opposed to attacking it. Will round off deeper pattern that consist of him coming back to the quarterback. Can be overwhelmed by physical corners in his route, and especially at the line of scrimmage. Inconsistent as a blocker. Willing, but too often will fall off his block, or allow his man to simply overpower him.

    NFL COMPARISON Antonio Brown

    BOTTOM LINE In 2012, Wheaton became the Beavers' all-time leader in receptions. Wheaton used his track speed to break off long runs from short routes and get behind defenders for big plays. Wheaton isn't solely limited to the slot, and he will likely find himself as a first or second round selection due to his ability to test defenses horizontally and vertically.

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    Solid pick.

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    Jim Wexell really liked Wheaton coming into Day 2.

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    Interesting: • Josh Norris of slots Wheaton as the No. 6 wide receiver in the draft:
    There have been plenty of comparisons made between Wheaton and Mike Wallace; I actually think the Oregon State product is further along in his development than Wallace was coming out of college. Wheaton definitely gets behind coverages, but he also cuts his routes off with burst and works underneath well, too. Projection: Second round

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    Mike Wallace? I think he compares more with Emmanuel Sanders and/or Antonio Brown. I'm guessing this means they will let Sanders go after this season instead of trying to re-sign him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    Mike Wallace? I think he compares more with Emmanuel Sanders and/or Antonio Brown. I'm guessing this means they will let Sanders go after this season instead of trying to re-sign him.
    Which is a complete waste..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rara View Post
    Which is a complete waste..
    not if the team wins a super bowl!
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    One of the better WR's in this draft. He was excellent at the Senior Bowl practices- watching Wheaton vs Trufant was possibly the best part of that process.

    Steelers got a speedy guy- not Wallace fast, but fast- who looks like he has the ability to be a #1 in the NFL.
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    i like this pick

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    he looks like a more complete receiver than Wallace was at least


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