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Last night's draft was about as crazy a 1st round as I can remember. There were so many horrible picks. Teams with no need for LTs got em. So teams like Detroit and San Diego that have QBs that need protection couldn't get em. Then Miami taking Dion when they could have used a LT. WTF?

Carolina and Pittsburgh hit the jackpot because of the idiocy throughout this first round.

St Louis trading an insane amount to get a midget WR in the top 10.

Everyone drafting based on workouts. It's like half the league became Al Davis this year. And then just when I thought the Raiders were finally playing it smart, they make a stupid pick.

The only teams that impressed me were Carolina, Pittsburgh, and NE who got a boatload of picks once again. And if I'm completely wrong on Austin, St Louis would be about the only other team that did good getting Olgetree near the end of the first round.

There were just so many WTF moments last night. Including CBS sports posting draft picks 5 minutes before the NFL Network revealed them.
I thought for sure that the Raiders would take Floyd at 3. When they traded down I was dumbstruck. Imagine the shat i took in my pants when they passed on him again.