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For those who didn't want this pick - may I ask why? I fully understand there are no guarantees (I bet all of us watching the draft last night saw a minimum of 10 guys who won't live up to being a #1 pick) but since college ball is the only resume that can be used - his is off the charts. A captain on the #7 team in the nation. Playing in the toughest conference in the country. All-American. 1st team All-SEC. Defensive player of the year in the SEC. More sacs and tackles for loss than any player in the entire nation. I mean damn... what's player got to do to get approval? Are the standards really so high that a 2 time All-American gets sh*t all over by Steelers fans. I admit to being shocked by the number of people who think the Steelers made a mistake. This is the guy Colbert and Tomlin have publicly stated they have been after for months.
Well said, I know die hard Bulldogs fans and I live in Georgia ( surrounded by them but I don't watch college ) have been saying that he was the best player in the nation.