Damn homies...
last year ya'll were the man, homies..
happened to you's?

Sorry but I think both these guys were rated properly.... it's a shame someone told Geno he would be a 1st rounder. That was uncomfortable.... makes Ben sitting at 11 look like a walk in the park. I don't think he will come out with a chip on his shoulder and use it as motivation either. He looked hurt... and he shouldn't be. The team was 5-8 and he looked horrible when facing adversity or an actual defense.

Oh, and shame on the draft gurus and analyst for constantly bringing up Manti's name like they were shocked he was being over looked. Anyone watch the Wormack highlight they showed? He made Te'o disappear up in his belly. I wish these guys would shut up and let these teams pick instead of throwing the same names out trying to look like experts. I heard Manti's name for 15 picks.. after a while it started to sound like desperation.