Here's the ones that I have to shake my head at.

Dion Jordan at 3. His production on the field does not say 3rd overall pick.
Barkevious Mingo at 6. Same as above.
Tavon Austin at 8. To move from 16 to 8 for a player that doesn't make you a Super Bowl contender or at least close doesn't make sense. Especially for a team that has many more holes. And to have given as many picks as the Rams did is even more confusing.
E.J. Manuel at 16. Dont get it at all. He is a project at best. And now the Bills are going to be forced to use him at some point in year 1.
Justin Pugh at 19. Way too high. The run on tackles did it but still way too high.
Kyle Long at 20. Same as above. He had a mid second round grade at best.
Travis Frederick at 31. I think everyone knows that was a head shaker.

And here is something outside the box. Eric Fisher, Luke Joekel, and Lance Johnson are all going to be top notch NFL tackles no doubt. The teams that they will play for will never be anything until they all get legit QB's. These picks will be looked back on just like when Miami drafted Jake Long or when Cleveland drafted Joe Thomas. No big deal. Never made the franchise a legit contender. And like those teams, probably not even a playoff team.