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Thread: Could We Move Worilds Inside?

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    Could We Move Worilds Inside?

    Worilds is a great athlete. I really liked him at LOLB but he's not a fit at ROLB. Jarvis fits there perfectly and I wouldn't be surprised if he can start very early on.

    Maybe we rotate Woodley and Worilds at LOLB to keep them fresh? Or we eventually let one of those 2 go in time when contract time comes up.

    But we don't have a long term solution next to Timmons. In this new passing league we want a great athlete next to Timmons. And by all measurables, Worilds is a great specimen. Can he learn the position? He does do a nice job dropping into coverage and closing on plays. I think he might be able to make the switch and be good in the middle too.

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    The Steelers now have the 'luxury' of seeing how Worilds & Woodley respond in 2013 before having to make a decision on which direction to go- extend or let Worilds walk, or cut Woodley. In the meantime, Jones can spell them mid-game or step in if injury strikes in year 1.
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    I seriously doubt it. He's a pure pass rusher and really hasn't shown anything in coverage. Especially with WOODLEY's injury issues and no one to step in at LOLB, I really doubt they have any other plans for WORILDS other than OLB
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