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Thread: Second and Third round wishlist

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    I think they should go with DJ Swearinger and Da'Rick Rogers.
    1. CB Marcus Peters Washington 6/190
    2. OG Josue Matias Florida State 6-6/320
    3. OLB Geneo Grissom Oklahoma 6-4/250
    4. DL Ellis McCarthy UCLA 6-5/330
    5. TE Jeff Heurman Ohio State 6-5/255
    6. FS Adrian Amos Penn State 6/200
    7. DT Terry Williams East Carolina 6-1/340

    DB Justin Cox Mississippi St. 6-2/190
    OLB Davis Tull Chattanooga 6-2/242

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    What I really want to see are 3 long term priorities:

    1. Pressure the QB

    2. Create Turnovers

    3. Score TDs in the Redzone

    So it leaves me wide open on who we can take in the next few rounds.

    1. Requires NT, CBs, S, and LBs

    2. Requires guys that get INTs and FF and pressure the QB

    3. WRs, TEs, LT, G, RB

    From there, narrow down where you are strong and where you are weak. We could use another ILB to help in coverage of TEs, RBs, and slot WRs to force the QB to hold the ball longer. Eventually we're gonna need some safeties down the road.

    The biggest problem with the pass rush is we weren't able to collapse the center of the pocket and QBs could step up to avoid pressure. Casey's replacement is our other big need after ROLB. So if we're going need again, that should be the pick to help the pass rush, which will lead to forced decisions, FFs, and turnovers.

    We need DBs that can play the ball in the air and get INTs.

    Some big WRs or extra pass catching TEs would help in the RedZone. Consistency in the OLine and the right RB would also help to run inside the 20s.

    It's a lot to consider and it's hard to prioritize. And we need some insight into the Steelers long term thinking around FAs in future years to consider what the best move would be. This is an impossible equation to solve.

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    I'll be rooting for guys like Keenan Allen, Zach Ertz, and Kevin Minter to fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    Good new is- the Steelers have a 'need' for RB, FS/SS, ILB, CB & WR...... and there are plenty to choose from.

    Given that 0 RB's have come off the board, but 3 Safeties have... Chadman would probably suggest Safety in Rd 2 & RB in Rd3, just for value reasons, with ILB & WR headlining the Day 3 picks.
    Cyprien, Brown, Te'o or Minter in that order I could not pass on any of these guys if they are there at our pick.

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    Gerry Dulac mock draft has Steelers trading up in second round

    By Neal Coolong on Apr 25 2013

    It may not be the most likely mock draft ever written, but it sure seems nice.

    Post-Gazette reporter Gerry Dulac has an interesting mock draft up at the last minute.

    While the Steelers take the unpopular choice, Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert. They will rebound to take The Judge - Kansas State LB Arthur Brown.

    North Carolina RB Giovani Bernard goes to Pittsburgh in the third round, along with Georgia S Bacarri Rambo in the fourth.

    Regardless of the likelihood of this happening, it would likely make Steelers fans happy.

    It would then go to Miami University QB Zac Dysert, Oklahoma WRJustin Brown, and Grand Valley State WR Charles Johnson.

    He finishes it off with Penn State LB Michael Mauti.

    People aren't going to cry about that. The question is how, exactly, the Steelers would get up in the second round, which isn't marked in Dulac's mock, but his headline says a trade is involved.

    If that is the outcome, it doesn't seem likely fans would mind all that much.


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    As I said in the draft chat a few times, I'd love to get ILB Arthur Brown.

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    1. Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
      I'll be rooting for guys like Keenan Allen, Zach Ertz, and Kevin Minter to fall.

    Solid names. I would like Ertz as I feel he is the best TE in this draft.

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    Here is who we brought in for visits that are 2nd and 3rd round graded players:

    3 Eddie Lacey RB Alabama 5-11 231 4/13/13 1-2
    4 Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers 6-1 241 4/2/13 2
    5 John Simon OLB Ohio State 6-2 257 4/1/13 2-3
    6 Jamie Collins OLB Southern Miss 6-4 250 4/2/13 2-3
    7 Phillip Thomas FS Fresno State 6-1 208 4/2/13 2-3
    8 Johnathan Franklin RB UCLA 5-10 205 4/4/13 2-3
    9 Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse 5-9 213 4/8/13 2-3
    10 Sio Moore OLB Uconn 6-1 245 4/11/13 2-3
    11 Malliciah Goodman OLB Clemson 6-4 276 4/3/13 3
    12 Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Uconn 6-1 195 4/9/13 3
    13 B.W. Webb CB W&M 5-10 184 4/9/13 3-4
    14 Christine Michael RB Texas A&M 5-10 220 4/1/13 3-4
    I'd also love Stedman Bailey in the 3rd.
    Here We Go Steelers!

    28 Mason Rudolph QB OK St
    60 Malik Jefferson ILB Texas
    92 Terrel Edmunds SS VT
    148 Durham Smythe TE Notre Dame
    165 Andrew Brown DE UVA
    220 Reggie Bonnafon RB Louisville
    246 Chris Worley ILB OSU

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    Offense. Offense. And more offense.

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    I would generally lean towards the offense, with Keenan Allen probably my #1 choice. Depending on how things fall, if Arthur Brown or Minter were available, they would be awfully tempting. Regardless, I think the Steelers are poised to get a good player in round 2.


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