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Thread: cincy just seperated themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    Good pick for the Bengals, but given his age, I'm still glad he was not one of the Steelers selections.

    My thought too.

    You know what's even sadder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    Actually, the Bengals have made the playoffs two years in a row now. In their last game against us, they beat us in our own house. They have added good talent to the team on top of that. It's a young team that now has a three-time Conference winner, two-time SB winner and DPOY in their locker room. The days of looking at the schedule and seeing the Bengals as two automatic W's is over.
    Let's not forget that 13-10 victory in our house, snapped a 5-game losing streak against us and they did it only because a banged-up Ben Roethlisberger gave them the game at the end. The Bungles are headed for a couple of prime-time a$$-whippin's this season and the start of a new losing streak.

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