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Thread: that sure sucked

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    but having a 2nd round pick sit on the bench for years waiting for a chance to start and drafting his
    a sign that you've had an opportunity to see the guy you have and determine he's not worthy of filling the shoes he's going to fill...
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    Responding to the thread title. For me, it doesn't suck per se. It's more like getting clothes for Christmas as a kid when you wanted a toy. It's just disappointing for me personally even though I wish the young man all the best in his career with the Steelers. I'm really hoping for the day that I'm watching a game and so glad the FO didn't go the way I wanted because JJ is tearing it up. That day hasn't yet come though. Alas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    There will be a select group of posters that will be stoically against this pick, or any Defensive pick, simply because they apparently never start.

    Pretty sure the bulk of posters will agree that Jones presents great value, much like DeCastro did last season. Obviously he checks out medically, there are no real character concerns, and quite frankly- his college career suggests he is one of the most dominant defenders entering the NFL in years.

    In Feb, he was a top 5 pick. After running in his undies, he started falling. If the theory stands that you must be wary the workout warrior who rises on draft day, the reverse theory must also stand- don't disregard the footballer who doesn't run as fast as some.

    .."Jones presents great value, much like DeCastro did last season"..... I don't think we can say DeCastro represented great value just yet..... he has barely played a qtr of a season. Lets see how he does against G Atkins this year.


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