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NJSteeler asked...are worldis, woodley and jones going to all be on the field at once?

REasons it is good to have 3 pass rushing OLBs

1. Woodley is always hurt and Worilds gets dinged up as well.
2. A rotation will keep all of them fresh. Woodley especially seems to do well in a rotation. A rotation also is frustrating for OTs who have to continue to adjust to who is in front of them.
3. Jones does not have to start, but can still contribute early in the season. Jones sometimes struggles against the run, and he is not as strong as he needs to be. Give him a year to build more muscle and let him get after the QB in passing situations. In other words, we don't have to depend on the rookie when the situation does not fit his strengths.
use him like Bell this first year... one job and one job only... kill the QB.