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Thread: I hope the Steelers draft Sio Moore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    My answer:

    Rod Woodson
    Dermotti Dawson
    Chad Brown
    Kevin Greene
    Carnel Lake
    Alan Faneca
    Jeff Hartings
    Kimo V
    Maukice Pouncey

    All above demostrated position flexibility during their careers
    Completely different situations... In most cases, you're referring to guys who were all-pros at a position (Woodson, Lake, Faneca, Dermonti, Pouncey) and your backup sucked arse, so you're taking a shot in the dark to get by until your team is healthy.

    Rod was an all-pro CB, who was no longer good enough to start at CB, so he moved to S, much like Charles Woodson is doing. Carnell was an all-pro S, who moved to CB cuz our depth sucked and Rod got hurt... at the first opportunity, he was moved back to S where he was better. And so on and so on...

    I don't remember Kevin Greene playing anything but, "rush the passer" well... he was a one-trick pony, who had what 2 seasons as a Steeler.... and we remember him... why? cuz he did that one trick better than anybody else... THAT is the guy you wanna draft - the sledge-hammer... not the "heavy crowbar that can double as a sledgehammer in a pinch."

    The best example you have on the list was Chad Brown - and he was really a backup, at all 4 LB spots... he was the swiss army knife i keep in the car... Seattle car-jacked us!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Listening to him on Sirius NFL Radio's Moving the Chains program earlier this week, the kid sounded impressive. Some of the draft prospects they interview are barely able to string more than 3 words together, but Sio was engaging and seemed to say all of the right things (at least to me).
    Sometimes I think it's just nerves and not being comfortable with the media. I remember Decastro not sounding very smart, but he went to Stanford so he has to be super intelligent.

    To this day, I remember the first interview with Plax. I thought he was the dumbest player we ever selected. But I think you just have to live with it. Sometimes the kids that don't sound so smart are so desperate to succeed because they have no other alternative, so I'm ok with drafting guys that aren't well spoken.


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