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Thread: Salary Cap Breakdown by Player --- Great Site!!

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    Salary Cap Breakdown by Player --- Great Site!!

    I always enjoy the draft. I'll be up all night tonight and tomorrow watching all of it (I know sounds strange)

    Anyway I've always kept salary cap information and charts on the Steelers, but have had trouble finding the numbers over the last few years. I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago and it seems very in depth. I'm sure it isn't 100% accurate, but seems to be very accurate.

    In case anybody else is interested in this type of stuff its [url][/url]
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    Two other good ways to track the Steelers salary cap are Steelers Depot - can't post the link here but they follow and adjust as moves are made, and With rotoworld you look up the player and there is a link for contract details. Both are very useful.


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