While I must say RB isn't at the top of the list as far as needs go, getting a bell cow RB may be just the thing this offense needs to start scoring more points and get back into contention.

There doesn't seem to be alot of sure things in this draft. Eddie Lacy seems like one of them. I realize that taking a RB early isn't the "fashionable" thing to do in todays pro-pass league, but is passing up on this guy the smarter move?

I just feel like he is one of the surest picks out there. And this year, there doesn't seem to be that many.

While I have advocated a pick like J. Jones or Rhodes at 17, and taking a RB later in round 3, I would be just fine with Lacy at 17.

...'course I could be getting nervous and am scrambling for some kind of terra firma in this "who knows" 2013 draft.

Here We Go, Steelers!