OLB...I have to admit, my board for who I want in the first round is Jarvis Jones and B Mingo along with X Rhodes CB. We have Woodley and Worilds. I understand Harrison is gone but Worilds filled in admirably last year and seems like he can fit the role. We spent a 2nd round pick on Worilds, its time to give him that chance. It seems we need that ILB presence to take Farriors old self out of the picuture.

The guy that fits everything we need is A Ogletree ILB/OLB. This guy is a banger, plays ILB and a very cerebral LB. However his off season mess will probably be why we don't draft him. Could we actually be looking at Teo? OLB is not a huge need right now so why is everyone, including myself have us taking an OLB? Is it just because of the potential of J JONES? Help me out here!