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Thread: my draft predictions

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    my draft predictions

    according to some fans, the steelers willl get the 'steal of the round', the 'steal of the draft', a couple 'day one starters', a 'future probowler or 2', a few 'starters next year', great depth and they will be disrespected by the draft gurus.

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    nailed it....

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    good work captain obvious

    don't be afraid to live on the high side of life. sure you'll be disappointed all the time, but who cares? life is about anticipation. the real excitement is the journey not the destination. heck, i still have high hopes for the pirates from time to time. it's fun to think about. like what would you do if you won a million dollars in the lottery? everyone knows they're not gonna win, but it's fun to wonder what if I did win?

    that's all we're doing here.


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