1. Justin Hunter - WR - Tennessee - 6'4" - 195lbs - It's time we go get Ben his big weapon at WR. Hunter was well liked by coaches and teammates so he'll bring chemistry to the locker room. Plus he came back fast from an ACL tear because of his work ethic. Coming off an ACL tear makes his junior numbers all the more impressive. We didn't get to see his best yet coming off injury and his ceiling is high. Look at it this way, would you take AJ Green or Julio Jones with the 17th pick?

2. David Amerson - CB/FS - NC State - 6'1 - 205lbs - Big physical corner that can play the ball like a WR. We've been sorely lacking getting turnovers and this is a kid that will go get the ball for you. I think he's got the skill set to be one of the best FS in the game. Or he can just take over for Ike. Fits the mold of a Steeler DB with his size, athleticism, and ability to tackle. Lake would turn this kid into an All Pro.

3. Gio Bernard - RB - UNC - 5'8" - 205lbs - Haley's offense needs a versatile back that can run and make plays in the passing game. Gio is quick and a powerful runner. This kid is a super athlete that brings everything we're lacking at the RB position.

4. Shmarko Thomas - SS - Syracuse - 5'9 - 215lbs - Super athlete that's likely rated one of the best safeties if he was taller. He's lightning fast and can make plays in the box and will bring the big hits. Not sure if you guys knew this, but he lost both his parents in 2010 and is the oldest of 6 brothers and sisters. So he's got responsibility. He's got the extra motivation to make it. Plus he's gonna be playing with a chip on his shoulder being overlooked because of his height.

5. DeVonte Holloman - ILB - South Carolina - 6'1" - 245lbs - The new hybrid middle LB that comes from a background of playing safety. Gives us the versatility in the new NFL to cover TEs, RBs, and knock slot WRs off their routes. But also has the build to stop the run.

6. Nick Kasa - TE - Colorado - 6'6" - 270lbs - Kasa could be one of the best TE prospects in the draft, but he's only got a year's worth of experience having converted from DE. He might be one of the few complete TEs in the draft because he can block and he's got some speed and is developing as a pass catcher. This kid is a monster. Looks almost like an extra tackle. I could see him helping create some huge holes in our running game next to Adams and Decastro.

6. Brad Sorensen - QB - Southern Utah - 6'5" - 230lbs - Big kid with a big arm that could be a nice developmental project. He's a mormon and we seem to get high quality characters in the locker room when we draft these guys. He's a little older at 23 because he's gone on his Mormon mission work. The Steelers could use a little more character on the team. And who knows where this kid could go in time. He definitely needs time to develop but has one of the stronger arms of these QBs.

7. Brandon Kaufmann - WR - Eastern Washington - 6'5" - 216 - This kid is a baller who will upgrade our RZ Offense. He can go up and get any and everything. He's a TD machine that will help Haley create some matchup problems.