There's not likely gonna be a sure thing. I doubt there's any legit guaranteed 1st round talent left at that point. In a way, every pick I've seen suggested looks insane to a degree. Everyone's questionable.

Do we overdraft a TE?
Do we draft a guy pushing 30?
Do we draft Catfish?
Do we draft another G?
Maybe we grab a T?

We've talked about a ton of guys over the last few months because there's no clear cut guy to be taken at this point. Most of the choices that feel like they'll be there make me feel blah.

Rounds 2-5, I could draft 40 guys that are exciting at that point. But pick 17 doesn't give me a warm fuzzy.

Will the Steelers take a risk or play it safe? This is just one of those years, I'm not as excited about our first pick heading into the draft.