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Other than Wallace what impact starter have we let walk? Mendenhall was a guy we benched. His only impact is his dance ability, foot in mouth remarks, and fumbling. I don't see any players with any sort of impact, other than wallace, that left. I like taking a playmaking TE. Just not so much in the first. I don't see a huge separation between Eifert and Ertz. On defense I'd say we've had a blood letting. And I'd also say that AGE is catching up to us. Lewis, Jimmy Hate, and snack were all starters. Letting our top two backups at safety walk means we're one injury away from Robert Golden at safety.
That's why I'm actually hoping for a Vacarro, Minter, Kelce, McCray (OLB from UF), Lattimore kind of draft.
On D we do need depth and there looks to be plenty of that in the later rounds. There are younger players ready to take the job from those that are now departed from the team. That doesn't seem to be the case on Offense.

Had Mendy been healthy to start the year he would have been the unquestioned starting RB. He was the best on the team no matter what the message board coaches say. Now we are down the best WR and RB from an 8-8 team. Add to that that we probably don't have our top TE (and one of Ben's favorite weapons) for half the year. This is from a team that was 8-8 and all the best weapons outside of the QB himself are gone.

There may not be a big dropoff between Eifert and the others, but there seems to be a reason why most respected draft experts view him as the unquestioned best TE in this draft and the only one with a first round grade. The reasons for taking him are legion and you can find those on about half the other threads on this board. I won't rehash them.

Either way, I don't see any outrage on my part because of anyone that they pick this year.